Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learn about Italy !



As I grew up in Italy where I had the chance to explore , learn the language and live the Italian way .I traveled extensively in Italy where I discovered its beautiful , fun and vast antique culture.
Yes, Italy is a small country but has many and fun things to see that you can do!
You can bring Italy also here in the USA!


Having fun doing and also eating simple things especially in today`s economy definitely comes in handy and   “why not ?” adding some elegance too at the same time gives it that little extra touch!

1)      Get everything ready and set the table with a nice tablecloth (that could have elegant  or simple designs)  before you eat making sure nothing is missing !
2)      Eating slowly! Not getting up no matter what!! It will ruin your digestion!
3)      Relax while sitting down with a comfortable pillow behind your back!
4)      Drink  and eat a  nice small appetizer before starting the meal! So that you will not be that hungry and try to get bites before or in between meals!
5)        Engage in a nice comfortable conversation talking about your day with the other person as well as being interested in what he/she does and avoid talking only about yourself!
 6)  If you do not want to eat at home you can go out!
 7)      You can pick any place you like as long as it is not too noisy and you can hear yourself talk!  Where there will be people so that you will have the opportunity to socialize: for example: at a park, a café`,even an ice cream parlor that has tables where you can sit and talk .
8)       You can bring with you  light snacks (fruits, Italian recipies types of breads,etc…)  not with sauces because that will make you feel  your stomach bloated  and you will not enjoy neither the meal or conversing with friends or neighbors.  
9)      Be sociable talk and be interested in people what they do and compliment them on their cooking ask what they use , how they make it,what they like or not like or  what they think and not think about this or that etc…  be always interested in everybody`s opinion that is how you socialize in the Italian way!
10)  Learn some Italian Words that makes the entire conversation fun and interesting!

Come to my  “Blogs” entitled:  ITALY in USA!

“Ciao” ! “Ciao!” For now, like they say in Italy!


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