Italian Jokes in USA

ITALIAN    JOKES  IS A GOOD WAY TO START A COVERSATION  :                                                                                                                   

                              -THE SECRET OF LONGEVITY-

A jornalist interviews an old gentleman  to ask him about the secret of longevity.

J: Mr. you seem to be ingood shape. What is your secret?
   I bet you never smoked  , right?

OG: No,I always smoked. I smoke 2-3 packs of cigarette a day and also after every meal and in the evening .

J: Oh dear, but tell me , I bet that you do not drink or ever drank in your life right?

OG:    No, I can not do without at least 3 glasses of wine before and after my meals.

J:     Oh , I see. I bet though that you never went with anyone in your life . Always one woman right?

OG:  No, I like change so I have a woman for every day of the week.
       On Monday I have Morena, on Tuesday I have Talia, on Wedsneday I have Wilma, on Thursday I have
     Tamara , on Friday I have Frida, on Saturday I have Sabina and on Sunday Sabrina.

J:       Oh , i see, that is incredible! But tell me something .... What is the  your secret for being so young?

          How old are you?

And the old gentlemen with a whisper says:

OG:   I... am

J: Yes?

OG:  27 !    :)


The bride is so happy to get married and is speaking with the priest while the groom is waiting at the altar.

P: You must be so happy today !

B: Yes, father today is the greatest day of my life!

P: Yes,  I can see that ! You are all dressed in white, it must be really great! Is White you favorite color for happiness?

B: Yes, father . I want everything to be in white bacause I am so happy !

P: That is great! I am so glad for you.

P: But tell me something if you are all dressed in white...

B: Yes , father?

P: Why is the groom dressed in black? :)


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